Chin Hung Fibres Ltd.

In the global scenario, Bangladesh remains a major player in garments industry. But only 10% of the national demand for garments’ raw materials is met by the local producers. Hence the leading company of the country, T. K. Group of Industries, came forward to support this industry through its Chin Hung Fibers Ltd. This company started its journey in 2006 with its distinct set of acrylic yarn and dyeing products. And these products are supplied to the various sweater factories of the country.

The company also saw the inclusion of a rotor spinning mill in 2008 and a cotton ring spinning mill and a cotton dyeing plant in 2009 at its own premise in Chandgaon Industrial Area. These new factories provided with raw materials for the export-oriented denim, towel and shoe businesses of the country.

Currently T. K. Group of Industries produces acrylic yarn, acrylic mélange, acrylic cotton like, acrylic cashmere like, acrylic chenille, acrylic wool like, acrylic silk like and acrylic anti-pilling.

Chin Hung Fibers Ltd. uses the best available raw materials from abroad with a strong emphasis in technological excellence and strict quality control measurements of international standard using HVI equipments. The buyers of the yarn do not need to maintain a buffer stock and do not need any lead time.

Chin Hung Fibers Ltd. has the capacity of producing 15 metric tons of grey yarn, 15 metric tons of dyed yarn, 10 metric tons of cotton yarn, 15 metric tons of yarn in ring spinning and 7 metric tons of dyeing every day.

For more details:

Head office: 83, Khatungonj, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880-31-618095-6. Fax: +880-31 636381, 631583.
E-mail: chflctg@tkgroupbd.com

Dhaka Office: T.K. Bhaban, 13, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880-2-9115210.
E-mail: chfldhk@tkgroupbd.com

Factory Office: Chandgaon Industrial Area, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone: 880-31-670518. Fax: 880-31-670997.
E-mail: chflctg@colbd.net