SuperBoard shines once again as the recipient of the prestigious Superbrands award

SuperBoard shines once again as the recipient of the prestigious Superbrands award

Super Board shines once again as the recipient of the prestigious Super Brand award 💥🏆 Congrats to the team on this well-deserved recognition!

SFLL the strategic business unit of T.K. group. We provide both surface finish and foundation/structural products for homes, offices and retail establishments.

Eco Friendly, Affordable and a better alternative to wood these boards are just the solution for all developers, interior designers, furniture manufacturers etc. Using the best quality of foreign imported raw materials and the dexterity of around 3000 employees, SFLL is committed to bring these products into both local and foreign market.

Designers, decorators, manufacturers, electricians and mechanics alike can utilize the strength, malleability and durability of our products in all their construction needs. Our eco- friendly boards are made from imported raw materials are marketed both home & abroad.

The perception that “Super Board” creates around its market is “The ultimate Solution Provider for your daily furniture needs.” Whatever you need in terms of furniture and interior decorations, you can choose Super Board.

SFLL has opened a new horizon of the MDF factory in Bagerhat, from now on SFLL doesn’t need to import MDF boards. SFLL can meet the demand internally. Alongside SFLL is manufacturing PVC sheets, PVC Doors, Edges, and Ceiling etc. As you know Super Board has already increased the plywood production capacity twice as previous years. In fact Super Board has introduced a new plywood technology naming “4 press” for the first time in the history of Bangladesh. This technology is the obvious term of best in quality regarding Plywood manufactured in Bangladesh. Super Board has added a very new innovation namely “Artifact Melamine Board”. This product can make you feel the textures. SFLL technical team has developed a new production procedure of Plain board. In plain board Super Board is now having 5 layers, whereas in previous time it has three layers. Due to more fine chips layers new 5 layer plain board has more strength than the 3 layers board.

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