Modern Polly Industries Limited

Modern Polly Industries Limited

A large-scale industry producing synthetic yarns

Raw materials: Pet Chips, Spin Finish Oil, Coning Oil and Bobbins etc. Other requirements: Equipments & spares.

Procurement: Importation through DP L/C & Sight L/C. Suppliers: Indorama – Indonesia; b) Recron – Malaysia; c) Novatex – Pakistan; d) Whitman – India; e) Deko – Japan; f) Bermag – Germany

Products: FDY – Fully Drawn Yarn; DTY – Drawn Textured Yarn and Dope Dying – Colored Yarn (All the products are made in sliding ranges of 50 to 600 Denier & 24 to 192 Filaments)

Source of Finance: Sponsors (BSM) & Local Financial Institutions Source of power: Modern Power Company Ltd. (a BSM entity) Buyers: Textile & Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Annual Turnover: USD 40 millions (equivalent to 3.2 billions of local currency)