Talha Bin Tayab

Talha Bin Tayab


Talha Bin Tayab is the Chairman of Maf Shoes Limited and Director of T.K. Group, one the top Conglomerates of Bangladesh.

BIO for Mr. Talha Bin Tayab:
Mr. Talha Bin Tayab is the third son of Late Mr. Mohammad Abu Tayab. Completing his Higher Secondary education from BAF(Bangladesh Air Force) Shaheen College followed by his graduation from University of Queensland, Australia in 2017, his academic participation in various curriculums helped him to engage with people from different social backgrounds. Thus, allowing him to handle people of different backgrounds better.

Inspired by the accomplishments of his father and uncle, even though many of the group’s companies have become an industry leader and is earning crores of taka in revenue, he still wants these companies and their teams to continue to evolve and diversify its products so that they remain innovative and relevant, as opposed to being static.

When asked about his stance on the group’s progress, this is what Mr. Talha had to say,  “We have been very fortunate and our growth and success is largely due to our community. Our employees get personally involved. It is fabulous when you hire the right people, with the right value system, and they want to give back and they push us to give back. Which is why I am also looking forward to investing in plenty of other projects which shall establish more jobs, opportunities and economic growth. This would be possible through increasing the amount of goods being exported from Bangladesh by building stronger international business relations”.