Edible Oils & Fats

The edible oil division of the group is meeting the local demand of good quality edible oil and fat for last 27 years and is a trusted name in this field. The group holds the largest share of edible oil refining capacity in the country with its three companies. They are:

The factories produce refined soybean oil, palm oil, super olein, vegetable ghee, margarine, mustard oil and coconut oil. Oil from T. K. Group is pure, cholesterol-free and Vitamins A and D enriched. The soybean oil, mustard oil and vanaspati ghee are marketed under the brand name Pusti, while the plam olien oil is known as Hilsha Super Olein. Bangladesh Army, Unilever, TCB are some of the major customers of our oil. All oil products of T. K. Oil are strictly maintained by BSTI standard.