Corporate Social Responsibility

Inclusive & Inspiring Life Changing Growth & Development

Our diverse work across the nation has given us the priceless satisfaction of seeing lives being transformed for the better. It means the world to us when we see individuals being inspired through our effort.

Chittagong Kidney Foundation

Founding member of North South University Foundation, has founded Chittagong Kidney Foundation, has been the largest donor of USTC.

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Homes for Everyone

T.K. Foundation also builds 20 brick houses and 50 hygienic sanitation system every year to improve the lives of the people of the country with a yearly budget of Tk. 5.5 crore.

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Patia Primary School

In the initial days of T.K. Group, we built Patia Primary School in 1975. The WAQF Estate formed in 1980, today operates with an annual budget of Tk. 2.15 crore, consisting of 30 orphanages and many primary schools and hospitals

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Free Education and Medicine

Many slum kids of Chittagong are enlightened with full free education by the group. Also the foundation sponsors 2-day free eye clinic three times every year in various parts of the country

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Helping Those in Need

From helping the flood-affected people of the country to distributing blankets among the needy in winter. The zakat Fund takes care of around 50 families every year, ensuring the establishment of at least one member from the families.

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Pediatric Center of Chittagong Medical College

Renovation of the Pediatric Center of Chittagong Medical College along with donations of MRT machines, ICU beds and dialysis machines.

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