Baramasia Tea Estate


The Baramasia Tea Estate with its plush, picturesque 2930 acres of pristine tea/rubber plantation is a producer of quality, world class tea and rubber.

Meeting foreign and domestic demand for the premium brand of Black Tea and Green tea manufactured by CTC stage processing, the BTE produced 5,500,000 kgs of tea in 2010 alone. By 2015, it envisions an expansion of capacity to about one million kg per year.

With a dedicated employee base of 1022, the BTE has reached remarkable standards over the last 15 years. Domestic sales are done by auctioning in local markets, while exports are carried out in freight.

For More Details:

Factory: Nazirhat, Fatickchari, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Key Contact Person: Mr. S.D. Chakrabarty,Manager (Finance). Phone:+88-01817211912.