About T.K. Group

T.K. Group was founded by two brothers, Mohammed Abu Tayab and Mohammad Abul Kalam, in 1972.

Inspired by their father, Mir Ahmed Sowdagar’s success, they maintained the trading business even after he passed away. However, they were still on the lookout for new business opportunities to serve the country better. Today, T.K. Group is one of the biggest conglomerates of Bangladesh.


Creating value while making a difference


To be the leader in our wide variety of businesses by nurturing our 5Ps –


We, at T. K. Group of Industries, abide by our core values to stay on track towards achieving our goal.

We believe in:
-Transparency in every operation
-Adaptability towards change
-Creation of an enabling environment
-Thrive for excellence

While our transparency keeps our conscience intact, our ability to adapt and empower our people always ensures excellence in all our activities.